Welcome to the Honor the Chief Society

HONOR the Names, RESPECT the Traditions, EDUCATE the Community

A Not for Profit Organization

Dedicated to the Preservation of Positive Native American Symbolism

Welcome to the HTCS Hall of Fame!

A List of the Honorable Men & Women

Having Served as a Leader to HTCS &

The Mission to Preserve Native Imagery


Below Is A List of the Honorable Men & Women

Who Have Earned Special Recognition as Students

In Their Mission of Honor, Respect, and Education 

Regarding Native Imagery







As the responsibilities of Chief expanded beyond performances at football and basketball games, the need for an assistant was recognized.  Below are the names of the honorable men and women who HTCS recognizes to have served in this role:


Omar Cruz Aranda (Ast. to Bennett Kamps)
Katie Birkel (Ast. to Ivan A. Dozier)
Rob Zaldivar (Ast. to Logan Ponce)
Logan Ponce (Ast. to Dan Maloney)

Dan Maloney (Ast. to Kyle Cline)

Chad Schrand (Ast. to Matt Veronie)
Michael Mondelli (Ast. to John Madigan)


Scott Brakenridge (Ast. to John Creech)

John Creech (Ast. to Jeff Beckham)

Jeff Beckham (Ast. to Steve Raquel)

Steve Raquel (Ast. to Kurt Gruben)


J.B. Heaton (Asst. Tom Livingston)

Tom Livingston (Asst. Michael Rose)


Bill Lee (Ast. Scott Christensen)

David Thompson (Ast. to Pete Marzek)


The chief tradition could not remain without the powerful support of our community leaders. 

Below are the names of our past presidents:


Ivan A. Dozier (2019-Present)

Jeanette Clark (2017-2019)
Mary Wright (2015-2017)
Roger Huddleston (1991-2015)


Individuals listed prior to 1991 are recognized as "de facto" leaders for HTCS,

Though HTCS had not yet been established, these names are listed to credit their inspiration to the mission of HTCS.

Honor the Chief Society