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Dedicated to the Preservation of Positive Native American Symbolism


Website Re-Release

For many years, the Honor the Chief Soceity has remained dedicated to honoring and preserving the Chief tradition.  With the digital age advancing us everyday, and the need to unite our membership constatntly increasing, we realized that our old website was in need of modernization.


For those who visited our old site, we underwent a major update about three years ago. Our detailed history page was preserved and expanded, and many other sections were updated as well.  You can find our still-evolving story in our "History" Tab. Merchandise is also still available through the site, and more items are coming soon! 


This year, we've begun to add additional resources! Becoming a member is now easier than ever! Prospective members can still join using the traditional paper forms, however we have also added a feauture that takes care of everything entirely online! Just click "Join the Movement" and fill in your info in the boxes provided!


We also hope to provide as many educational resources as possible. Check out our "FAQ" section, which features inquiries from both supporters and critics!  Have a question that's not already in the FAQ?  Submit new questions in the "Community Support" area, or see if other users have asked a similar question. Think you already have all the answers?  Great!  Write to us and we may feature your perspective!  Be sure to keep an eye out for new updates in our news and media section, too!


We are still looking to build content and add links, so please be patient as we continue to make our website a place of honor, respect, and education.  Thank you all for your continued support and passion.  Please feel free to follow us on social media, and share our new website with your friends, family, and all of Illini Nation!

Honor the Chief Society